Wednesday, November 12, 2008

"Testosterone Poisoning"

I was talking to some very well educated women last night that informed me that "all men suffer from Testosterone Poisoning." It all makes sense now! I've recently been asked out a total of 7 times, from the same guy mind you, and he hasn't gotten the hint yet. I've told him, repeatedly, that I'm just not interested, but he comes back with "I'm not interested either, I just want to get to know you." Oh, really? Or my favorite reaction of his to my rejection: "Are you still hung up on your ex?" Nice one. "No, just NOT INTERESTED." Are we done here? I've also been informed that he has done this before to another girl in our ward. **Shaking my head in disgust** I guess it ended up in a debate with this unfortunate soul as to why he thought they were compatible. I'm thinking she didn't buy it either, because he moved on to his next victim, me. In fact, he is texting me as we speak. OOoo this just in: "Now this is going to keep things weird between us and I don't know why!" No it won't, silly, because I was avoiding you in the first place. :) There is no stopping this kid, he is like Superman...except the powers...and the cool factor. **Clearing throat** Anyways, I shall keep you updated on my new boyfriend, until then Here's to Rome!

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Kathryn said...

Ha, ha. Speaking of Superman. I watched it last night. The original with Chrisopher Reeves. I must say I am so "in love" with Clark Kent! *Sigh* What's not to like?!